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The following is a list of projects related to AirWX and their status. If you have any suggestions please let us know at

Description Status
Add proper fix for HTC Incredible COMPLETE
AirWX for iPhone 2.0 COMPLETE
AirWX Feature: Add METAR data from non-airport weather stations In Progress
AirWX Feature: Add better Sectional and IFR charts In Progress
AvCharts Feature: Add download all charts for airport button, and scratchpad COMPLETE
AvCharts Feature: Add Australian Charts Pending Progress
AirWX for Android: Add Favorite List Sorting Pending Progress
AvCharts: Add Download all for charts In Progress
AirWX: Add Winds Aloft COMPLETE on iPhone. PENDING for rest.
AirWX Android: Fix Sprint 4G issue Complete


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  1. Capt Dennis. Tolbert / May 28 2010

    Would be nice if when add airport to favorites . It would put in alphabetical order…you have goldmine if concentration for airline. Asa pilots would not doing Jepp updates every two weeks.
    Not sure how to cache charts for use in plane . Using android

  2. Felix / May 30 2010

    Hi Dennis,

    Charts are automatically cached on Android once you view them. You don’t need to do anything special to keep them on the phone.

    As for the add airports to favorites…I agree. I will add that to my list and I will extend the capability to allow for moving the airports around in the list.


  3. Jeff / Jun 17 2010

    Great App!

    Could I suggest putting the phone number for an AWOS/ASOS (where available of course) on the METAR page, particularly for airports without METARs…nice to pull up a favourite airport, and tap the number to call the AWOS to get a quick report.

    I’m using the Android version.

  4. Jeff / Jun 17 2010

    Nevermind…I found the call ASOS button…Please delete both!

  5. Felix / Jun 17 2010

    Yea that call button is tough to find. I will find a better place for it in future versions.

  6. Paul / Jun 26 2010

    How about a way to cache all the plates with one button for use in flight.

    An animated radar that is zoomable would be great, searchable by city. Radar from would be nice too.

    Other than that, great product.

  7. Jerry DiPalma / Jun 28 2010

    I think the work you’ve done on AirWx is fantastic. I currently run the app on my Motorola Droid. Having used the app for a while I have a couple suggestions / requests. Here they are:

    -Ability to create multiple favorites list so that a pilot going from one part of the country to another could pull up each favorites list to look at the weather in that part of the country

    – Ability to see a summary view of the weather at all the airports in a favorites list.

    – Ability to select a list of airports using a map. The idea is that you could either have the map display centered on your current location or choose an airport which would be centered in the map. The map would display all the airports in an xx mile radius. The user could pick the airports one at a time or create a box around a group of airports.

    – Ability to see Metar data on a map similar to how ADDS displays weather (

  8. Brian Hall / Jul 6 2010

    I’ll echo the request to be able to sort the favorites list. Ideally you would support both manual ordering (perhaps UI to get into manual sort mode, then buttons on each record to move up/move down? Or better yet, drag to desired position), as well as sort by name and/or code.

  9. Mark farmer / Aug 1 2010

    Could yu tell me when you expect to cover european charts?

  10. Felix / Aug 2 2010

    I don’t have an ETA yet. It’s not in my hands, I need to get permission for all the European companies/governments that create those charts.

  11. Patrick / Aug 7 2010

    Love the app. One feature request (I think, rather than bug request) is re: updating the EVO (running Froyo) would be to “see” 4G connections as a valid data network. Currently throws an error message that I need to be connected to a data network.

  12. voretaq7 / Aug 8 2010

    Any chance of adding winds aloft to the next release?

  13. Felix / Aug 9 2010

    Im working on it definitely.

  14. Ton / Aug 16 2010

    The app looks great, if only it would have the european ifr charts. But when i go to the US to fly i Will definately try it out. Keep up the good work.

  15. John / Aug 25 2010

    Just got app yesterday and love it. Any way to get (down the road) and icon or color code next to all your favorite airports so you can see the conditions at all favs without opening.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  16. Marc / Dec 4 2010

    Would be nice to have the same features for european charts as strong competion against the monopol of Jeppesen

  17. Paul / Jan 1 2011

    Great app.

    I’d love to be able to alphabetize favorite airports by identifier.

    Also, a way to save a chart permanently would be great.

  18. Scott / Jan 19 2011

    Love the app! But I would love to see one feature. Air Traffic Control System Command Center (aka ATCSCC) messages. Sometimes in the NOTAM you get a message for example “SVC TMPA SEE ATCSCC MSG”, but then you need to go somewhere else to see the message such as the FAA website

    I would love for this app to pull that data right where I can view the METAR TAF Wind Aloft NOTAM etc… or within one of those.

    I’m using the app on the iPhone 4. I simply love this app. Hopefully I can see my suggestion implemented! By the way did I mention I really like this app 😆

  19. Robert kay / Jan 22 2011

    Any ideas on European charts. Currently only option is jeps and is $2000+
    for whole Europe. No georef or moving map available!!

  20. Brenda Hungerford / Jan 25 2011

    This is a great program, More functions for Android would be appriciated. ESP winds aloft.

  21. Felix / Jan 26 2011

    Thanks Brenda I am working on an android update.

  22. B / Feb 9 2011

    Would greatly appreciate if you could ADD feature: Sunset Sunrise & Civil Twilight. I will definitely purchase this app if you can add this unique feature.

  23. Felix / Feb 20 2011

    I plan on it. Thanks!

  24. Eric / Feb 23 2011

    Any plans for FAA QICP approval? This is a must for charter and airline pilots to use the weather info.

  25. Felix / Feb 25 2011

    Not yet, but all my weather data comes from QICP sources.

  26. Andrew Schanz / Mar 12 2011

    I love having access to Canadian METAR’s and TAF’s, but I would really like to have the Canadian GFA’s in the charts section as well.

  27. Eli / Mar 13 2011

    Hi Felix,

    Impressed by all the positive comments. What’s the ETA on Canadian charts and approach plates?

  28. Felix / Mar 17 2011

    No ETA yet sorry. I’m working on it.

  29. Felix / Mar 17 2011

    Hi Andrew, i’m working on it…

  30. Tom Riley / Mar 31 2011

    Any plans for a Windows Phone 7 version?

  31. Chris / Apr 1 2011

    I’m looking at getting an iPad to view charts and get rid of paper charts. I’ve been looking at different applications, including AirWX. The price seems too good be true, which has me concerned. If you buy this app, you get all updates to all charts (VFR/IFR) and approach plates? Other iPad apps that offer this same service are on a yearly subscription service.

    Am I missing something?


  32. Al / Apr 29 2011

    Can I get this on my iPad?

  33. Felix / May 3 2011

    Yes, it works on iPad.

  34. Felix / May 3 2011

    I don’t charge subscription fees on any of my apps. All this data is freely available from the FAA and NOAA. Why would I charge my users a monthly fee for something that I get free? I charge a one-time fee.

  35. Felix / May 3 2011

    Not yet sorry. Not enough users on Windows Phone 7 to justify development. (yet, i hope).

  36. John / May 26 2011

    Can we download all charts for an airport or region on Android with one button? This would be a great, inexpensive solution for in-flight data.

  37. Felix / May 30 2011

    It’s coming….

  38. Roy Arthur Page / Jul 18 2011

    Well I am sure it is me missing a trick, but how do you remove an airport from Favorites ?
    Thanks for a very useful and nice app.


  39. Albin / Aug 22 2011

    Are there any plans for European charts?

  40. Mark / Sep 11 2011

    My favorite app on my blackberry, or was till I upgraded to the torch 9810 and the app was removed by BB app world…

    Running a BB9810 w the v7 software

  41. Alan Wells / Sep 25 2011

    Just purchased AirWX. Fantastic to have Approach Plates on a small handheld. Wanted to try out Android for aviation, so bought a Samsung Galaxy 5″ tablet (without phone, $179).. I spend $150 per trip on a set of charts to visit folks in West Texas and grand-daughters in Albany, NY, from Atlanta. So I’m already way ahead on cost and I have the whole U.S. loaded. My printed IAP books aren’t georeferenced either, so AirWX is fine now, but when you have georeferenced charts you’ll be indispensable. I’ll buy a bigger tablet for the airplane, and carry this one into the FBOs with me.

  42. Clark / Oct 22 2011

    Great app! Would love for it to auto rotate with my iPad when I change to landscape.

  43. Ronnie / Oct 23 2011

    Is europe covered? STAR, SID, etc

  44. Winston / Oct 31 2011

    I really like the app, and it was well worth the price! One feature that would be really nice to add would be a crosswind calculator in the E6B section. When the wind is getting close to the limits, it would be nice to be able to do the math quickly without pulling out the chart in my flight bag.

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