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Jan 8 / Felix

AirWX v2.1 Update

I just submitted AirWX 2.1 to Apple for review. It has some new features, and a bunch of fixes. Here’s the list:

  • E-mail METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, and Winds Aloft to yourself or someone else.
  • Change Wind Arrow to either show direction from or direction to.
  • Nearest Available TAF will be displayed for airports without TAF reporting.
  • Added new airports.
  • Airports that have Automated Weather now show a METAR.
  • Added METAR Age.
  • Fixed various bugs.
Dec 18 / Felix

AirWX version 2.0.1 on App Store

Please go an update your AirWX to version 2.0.1. It fixes the issues addressed in my previous post.

Dec 15 / Felix

AirWX Version 2.0.1 Submitted

Issues Fixed:

  1. Sectional Charts causing Application to crash.
  2. Favorites Arrows showing Wind From Direction have been changed to show the Wind Vector.

New Features:

  1. Complete RAW TAF will be displayed on top of the TAF screen.

I have submitted to Apple for review. Update should be available soon.

Dec 15 / Felix

AirWX version 2.0 is out!

Go to the App Store to update.

I’ve already received reports of the sectional charts crashing iPod Touches. I am working on a fix.

Nov 30 / Felix

AirWX 2.0 for iPhone has been submitted to Apple!

Great News!

AirWX 2.0 has been submitted to Apple for review. Thank you all for waiting, and I hope you like all the new features. Here are some screenshots:

Nov 18 / Felix

Terminal Charts Updated and more news…

Just updated the terminal charts, and wanted to let everyone know that AirWX version 2.0 for iPhone is 95% complete!

It’s going to be a HUGE update! Stay tuned…

Oct 30 / Felix

Million Air iPhone App

I had the pleasure of writing an iPhone Application for the Million Air chain of FBOs. If you fly, chances are you’ve heard of Million Air.

Check out the app here, and next time you fly stop at a Million Air FBO:

Does your FBO or Aviation Business need an iPhone/iPad app. Contact me!

Oct 15 / Felix

AvCharts Update submitted to Apple

Sorry it took so long, but I finally got a new AvCharts update out the door. It will be a free update to all existing users.

Here’s what changed:

1. Fixed some small bugs.
2. Added the ability to download all charts for a specific state! Many have asked for this feature and it is now available.

One thing I’ve noticed though that the downloads are pretty large. Server bandwidth is very expensive. I’m going to keep the price on AvCharts at 2.99 for now, but if I notice a large spike in bandwidth I will have to increase the price of the app to cover those costs. So my suggestion is that if you don’t already have AvCharts buy it now, because the price won’t stay at $3 for long.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope you enjoy the update.


Oct 5 / Felix

AvCharts Users: Download By State is coming soon..

I’m working on it. It’s coming soon. I also have a new version of AirWX. It’s going to be a very nice app. Stay tuned…

Sep 23 / Felix

Approach Plates updated for all clients

Latest Approach plates have been installed. You should now have the latest on all your devices.

Let me know if there are any issues.