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May 30 / Felix

NOTAMs issue with AirWX

In the past few days you might have noticed that NOTAMs were INOP. This was due to a change from our NOTAMs source. It’s all fixed now and we apologize for any┬áinconvenience. Additionally we have improved the speed of the downloading of the NOTAMs. I’m sure some of you noticed that NOTAMs took longer to download than anything else. That isn’t the case anymore. It should be a lot faster now.

You do not need to update AirWX to take advantage of these changes. These changes were done on our servers.

Please let us know if you have any issues.

May 13 / Felix

AirWX Menulet for Mac OS X 10.6

Here’s a link:

May 12 / Felix

AirWX for Mac Desktop Available Soon!

I decided to try out Mac Desktop development for a few weeks and I wrote a “Menulet” for Mac OS X. A Menulet is an application that runs in the top Menu bar of the Mac OS. It’s been accepted by Apple to the Mac App Store and should be available in a few days. I’m selling it for $0.99 and right now it’s just a quick and easy way to see METARs. I plan to update it frequently with new features until it reaches the same feature set as the iPhone/iPad version. A link will be available shortly.

Android users: I’m still working on an Android update. I know the Android version doesn’t have all the features of the iPhone/iPad version but it’s a lot more difficult to write because of the huge amount of different device screen sizes that I need to support. Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten about you!

May 3 / Felix

Captain “Sully” Sullenberger uses AirWX!!!!!!!!

That’s right, you are using a tool the professionals use!

May 3 / Felix

AirWX 2.3 for iPhone Released

2.3 has been released if anyone has any issues or questions use the support link on top.

Apr 20 / Felix

AirWX iPhone updates coming soon

Here’s what is coming:

1. IFR Enroute Low (Slippy map, like Google Maps)
2. IFR Enroute High (Slippy map, like Google Maps)
3. Some other smaller features which I will keep a surprise.

Should be available in a few weeks.


Mar 23 / Felix

AirWX on Amazon App Store

AirWX is now on the Amazon App Store:

We are working to get a new version of the AirWX for Android. Keep watching here for updates.

Feb 20 / Felix

AirWX version 2.2 for iPhone released

A bunch of fixes, and a new feature: Arrival, Departure, and Enroute information for airports.


I’ve decided to make this a paid in-app purchase. Right now it will cost $3.99. Please do not e-mail complaining about the price, or that this should be a free update. I don’t get this data for free. It costs me money EVERYTIME you click to get Arrival, Departure, and Enroute information. I’m not asking that you pay a monthly fee for this, but rather a small one-time fee of $3.99.

Another update is already in the works…

Fly Safe!

Jan 29 / Felix

AvCharts 1.5 submitted

AvCharts 1.5 has been submitted to Apple for review. We have added AirPrint functionality to the app. You can print all your charts and have a paper copy as a backup!

Jan 19 / Felix

AirWX 2.1.1 released

This release contained a few bug fixes:

Fixed Winds Aloft Bug
Fixed TAF issue with international airports
Fixed Winds Aloft Distance to show Miles instead of Kilometers