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May 13 / Felix

AirWX Menulet for Mac OS X 10.6

Here’s a link:

May 12 / Felix

AirWX for Mac Desktop Available Soon!

I decided to try out Mac Desktop development for a few weeks and I wrote a “Menulet” for Mac OS X. A Menulet is an application that runs in the top Menu bar of the Mac OS. It’s been accepted by Apple to the Mac App Store and should be available in a few days. I’m selling it for $0.99 and right now it’s just a quick and easy way to see METARs. I plan to update it frequently with new features until it reaches the same feature set as the iPhone/iPad version. A link will be available shortly.

Android users: I’m still working on an Android update. I know the Android version doesn’t have all the features of the iPhone/iPad version but it’s a lot more difficult to write because of the huge amount of different device screen sizes that I need to support. Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten about you!

May 3 / Felix

Captain “Sully” Sullenberger uses AirWX!!!!!!!!

That’s right, you are using a tool the professionals use!

May 3 / Felix

AirWX 2.3 for iPhone Released

2.3 has been released if anyone has any issues or questions use the support link on top.

Apr 20 / Felix

AirWX iPhone updates coming soon

Here’s what is coming:

1. IFR Enroute Low (Slippy map, like Google Maps)
2. IFR Enroute High (Slippy map, like Google Maps)
3. Some other smaller features which I will keep a surprise.

Should be available in a few weeks.


Mar 23 / Felix

AirWX on Amazon App Store

AirWX is now on the Amazon App Store:

We are working to get a new version of the AirWX for Android. Keep watching here for updates.

Feb 20 / Felix

AirWX version 2.2 for iPhone released

A bunch of fixes, and a new feature: Arrival, Departure, and Enroute information for airports.


I’ve decided to make this a paid in-app purchase. Right now it will cost $3.99. Please do not e-mail complaining about the price, or that this should be a free update. I don’t get this data for free. It costs me money EVERYTIME you click to get Arrival, Departure, and Enroute information. I’m not asking that you pay a monthly fee for this, but rather a small one-time fee of $3.99.

Another update is already in the works…

Fly Safe!

Jan 29 / Felix

AvCharts 1.5 submitted

AvCharts 1.5 has been submitted to Apple for review. We have added AirPrint functionality to the app. You can print all your charts and have a paper copy as a backup!

Jan 19 / Felix

AirWX 2.1.1 released

This release contained a few bug fixes:

Fixed Winds Aloft Bug
Fixed TAF issue with international airports
Fixed Winds Aloft Distance to show Miles instead of Kilometers

Jan 8 / Felix

AirWX v2.1 Update

I just submitted AirWX 2.1 to Apple for review. It has some new features, and a bunch of fixes. Here’s the list:

  • E-mail METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, and Winds Aloft to yourself or someone else.
  • Change Wind Arrow to either show direction from or direction to.
  • Nearest Available TAF will be displayed for airports without TAF reporting.
  • Added new airports.
  • Airports that have Automated Weather now show a METAR.
  • Added METAR Age.
  • Fixed various bugs.