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Feb 20 / Felix

AirWX version 2.2 for iPhone released

A bunch of fixes, and a new feature: Arrival, Departure, and Enroute information for airports.


I’ve decided to make this a paid in-app purchase. Right now it will cost $3.99. Please do not e-mail complaining about the price, or that this should be a free update. I don’t get this data for free. It costs me money EVERYTIME you click to get Arrival, Departure, and Enroute information. I’m not asking that you pay a monthly fee for this, but rather a small one-time fee of $3.99.

Another update is already in the works…

Fly Safe!


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  1. Gary / Feb 21 2011

    How do I down load the newest version? When I go to down load it says that I already have it installed (I do not, verified). Please tell me that I will not have to delete my existing program as well as all my saved data/airports, to only then turn right back around and tediously have to reinstall them again by typing them in one by one!
    You have a much more easier solution, yes?


  2. Felix / Feb 25 2011

    Gary, it takes time for the updates to show on the App Store. You should be able to see it now.

  3. Gordon R. McGee Sr. / Mar 20 2011

    Some time back, I paid for this Airwx for my Motorola Droid phone. I believe it was either 3.99 or 4.99 not sure, anyway my droid got soaked and I lost everything. I now want to put Airwx on my Pandigital tablet. When I down load Airwx it’s asking for 6.99 plus its somehow in my gmail account, but that’s not how i got it originally. I think it was through my Verizon account under a different email account. I’m not sure if this is the problem or not, just trying to find out if I have to pay again. Thanx Mac

  4. Jeff / Mar 20 2011

    What a great product. As an airline pilot I unofficially use this to supplement the archaic dysfunctional company FAA approved weather program. It is available in the cockpit and is very functional. It is a very valuable tool for 2 or 3 legs down the road weather look. I like it a lot. Especially the one time buy in. Keeping track of subscriptions is such a hassle.

  5. Felix / Mar 23 2011

    Hi, You will not have to pay again, but please send all support questions to


  6. Felix / Mar 23 2011

    Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the support and I’m glad professional pilots as yourself find the application useful. We’ve got a lot more updates in the works. Keep watching…

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