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Jan 29 / Felix

AvCharts 1.5 submitted

AvCharts 1.5 has been submitted to Apple for review. We have added AirPrint functionality to the app. You can print all your charts and have a paper copy as a backup!


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  1. Bob Anklam / Feb 2 2011

    Regarding the printing…can you choose more than one chart at a time to print? Selecting one at a time, depending on the airport, can be a bit laborious. Please don’t mistake the comment. Being able to print is a HUGE step for anyone using the IPad. However, if more than one chart can somehow be selected, or even the ability to choose one chart or all charts for the airport would be wonderful.

    Thanks for the update. This is really a terrific app.


  2. Felix / Feb 2 2011

    I’ll add the ability to print all for an airport in the next version.


  3. Jim / Feb 18 2011

    I was looking at the screenshots on your iTunes page. The first one depicts winds at several airports. If the arrow is supposed to be the wind direction, it is incorrect and opposite what it should be. (i.e. KEWR winds are specified as 270 at 14. The winds are FROM 270 and therefore the arrow should be pointing to the right.)

  4. Felix / Feb 20 2011

    AirWX allows you to change the wind representation arrow. For example if you would like to have the arrow point to where the wind is coming from you can do that, but you can also have it show the wind “Vector”.

  5. Pascal SANDOZ / Mar 23 2011

    Really enjoying your apps, and even if flying mostly in Europe, many useful infos on airfields are readily available, such as metar, taf’s and notams thanks to your application. Definitely looking forward to have maps, appr plates, sid’s and stars. Thanks

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