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Nov 12 / Felix

New App: Pilot Log


It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but today I have some great news. We just released a new app called “Pilot Log”. Pilot Log is an easy to use electronic logbook. We make it very easy to enter your flights, but also export the data in case you need to go back to a paper version of your logbook.

Check it out here:

Apr 25 / Felix

AirWX iOS Version 2.3.3 Submitted

AirWX iOS Version 2.3.3 has been submitted to Apple for review.

This new version has the following features:

  • Home screen now shows 12 favorites instead of 9 of the previous version.
  • iPad version now has Landscape and Portrait mode!
  • Support for iPhone 5
  • Lots of bug fixes

I’ve been getting a lot of feature requests from users. If you don’t see your request in this version it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I will have a new version shortly (after 2.3.3) that will have a lot of new features. This is just an intermediate build to address some very common issues.

Nov 4 / Felix

Development back in action

After taking a long break in developing AirWX for Android I’ve decided to restart the effort and build a new version for Android. Keep watching for updates.

Jan 11 / Felix

FAA AeroNav changes…

Sorry I haven’t been posting much. AirWX is still strong with more and more users daily. I’m sure many of you have heard about FAA AeroNav’s plan to start charging users for Charts and Approach plates. This will undoubtedly put a huge roadblock for apps like AirWX. I’ve been committed to delivering a product for pilots where you do not need to pay a monthly fee.

It’s too early to tell what changes will happen to AirWX and AvCharts. I will be watching the news and I’ll post my intentions here so keep checking. I will do my best to continue to offer a one-time fee service. Thanks for reading.

Jun 29 / Felix

Server move complete

We have successfully moved to new AirWX servers.

Jun 20 / Felix

New AirWX servers

We are planning on switching to newer, better and faster servers in the next few weeks. I expect no downtime as both new and old servers will remaining running until everyone has been moved. If you do experience any issues please contact support right away. Thanks!

May 31 / Felix

Recent issues with NOTAMs and Connectivity

This recent downtime with the NOTAMs has affected some of our other services (Such as searching for airports). We are working very quickly to resolve these issues and we apologize for any inability to access the service.

May 31 / Felix

NOTAMs issue is back

FAA NOTAMs server is down. I’m working to get NOTAMs fixed again.

May 30 / Felix

NOTAMs issue with AirWX

In the past few days you might have noticed that NOTAMs were INOP. This was due to a change from our NOTAMs source. It’s all fixed now and we apologize for any inconvenience. Additionally we have improved the speed of the downloading of the NOTAMs. I’m sure some of you noticed that NOTAMs took longer to download than anything else. That isn’t the case anymore. It should be a lot faster now.

You do not need to update AirWX to take advantage of these changes. These changes were done on our servers.

Please let us know if you have any issues.

May 13 / Felix

AirWX Menulet for Mac OS X 10.6

Here’s a link: